Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Forking and Chaining

I spent a bit of time this afternoon getting the video driver VTIO written just enough to get the Write routine working.  Fatigue was setting in because I was making some dumb mistakes in my coding, which I eventually caught, but it made for a longer session than I would have liked.

But it was worth it.  NitrOS-9 now boots and shows output.  This validates that the I/O subsystem, including IOMan, SCF and the VTIO driver are doing their thing.

I stuck the mfree command in the bootfile, so SysGo forks that.  You can see the NitrOS-9 banner and the output of mfree in the video below.
What's next?  Rest.  My 4 day weekend is over and I have work to do tomorrow.

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  1. Well done boisy. excellent work mate.