Sunday, May 6, 2012

Up and Ready for Sale

Today I updated the Cloud-9 website at to reflect the fact that the Liber809 is now shipping.

Several folks have asked what is required to really make use of the Liber809.  A SIO2PC device, which mates the Atari SIO port to a PC via a USB cable, is required to do any loading of applications into the Atari itself.  SIO2PC devices are available at various places on the Internet.


  1. One thing to note - a stock 1200XL doesn't use a single 27128-compatible OS ROM, but rather 2 68764-compatible ROMs. If anyone needs those made and you can't do it, I can help out. Depending on jumper settings/upgrades, folks with modified 1200XLs could need either the single 27128 or 2 2764s instead.

  2. Ugh, those are the 24 pin variety? I don't even know where you could get those, but I'll be sure to let customers know about this.

  3. Not to be dense, but where is the NitrOS-9 port available?

  4. All of the project's files are here:

    There's an atari/nitros9 folder that has the 'kick' file and the disk image to mount in DriveWire. There's also a documentation file that explains how to set this all up