Monday, April 2, 2012

Progress On The Software Side

This evening I spent some time reworking the NitrOS-9 port.  The change in the Liber809 boot ROM made it necessary to do some modifications to the kernel to accommodate the new loading style.  But now all is good and we're booting NitrOS-9 Level 1 on the Atari 800XL.

Which brings me to Slor's excellent demo.  Fuji started life out as a blob of code loaded from the ROM load routines via DriveWire.  It was later modified to be position independent, but still had absolute references and self modifying code, neither of which are welcome in an OS-9 environment.

I spent some time with Slor tonight, reworking Fuji to actually run as an OS-9 executable.  It's not quite the good NitrOS-9 citizen that it should be, but with a bit more work, we will be able to run it from the shell, then quit it at our leisure and return back to the OS.

Finally, I'll be doing a KeyNote presentation on the project at the upcoming CoCoFest  (  I plan on making this a very thorough and detailed presentation and will post the notes when I'm done.


  1. It's entirely possible I could make it up there for day 1 of the CoCoFest. Might be tough since I have plans elsewhere on day 2, but that's mostly about deciding how much driving I'm really willing to do...

  2. That would really be cool. Try to make it!

  3. Boisy, how about video'ing the keynote and putting it on youtube?

  4. Chris, I'll ask the fest guys about this possibility. If I can, I'll definitely post it.