Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dual CPU Mission Accomplished

Today I received the rest of the parts in the mail to finish assembling the prototype boards.  Since I only had lunch time to do some work on the project, I quickly got down to soldering.  After carefully checking my work for proper continuity with an Ohm meter, I placed the chips in, set the jumpers and voila!  The Liber809 board came up!

I turned off the Atari XEGS, programmed the ROM emulator with the contents of the original Atari 32K ROM, then set the two jumpers into the alternate position.  When I powered the Atari up, the familiar READY prompt came up into Atari BASIC.

Now that we have a solid board running, the plan is for more testing and retesting to make sure everything is super stable.

As you can see in the pictures below, the board is a little long due to the specific size requirements that were placed on us by the prototype manufacturer.  The final board will be optimized, and we also expect to drop the number of support chips down as well.

As I have time, I'll assemble the other two prototypes then get them off to their respective buyers.

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